Promoted by Sunac China, Sunac Foundation was established in 2018 as a charity foundation with the approval of Tianjin Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

Sunac Foundation carries out public welfare activities focusing on the fields of rural revitalization, education support and architectural heritage conservation, aiming at creating long-term value for the whole community. At the same time, the Foundation joins hands with employees, property owners, professionals and partners to participate in philanthropic activities, to uphold the development philosophy of “better life and corporate citizenship”. Our vision is to bring together the strengths of multiple parties to promote the construction of a harmonious society and the sustainable development of human and nature as well as human and society through philanthropic initiatives.

Sunac Saplings Charity Program is an integrated program of poverty alleviation through education and Sunac helps achieve balanced allocation of urban and rural education resources and facilitates the development of children in poverty-stricken regions by combining its own resources. Since 2015, Sunac has continuously partnered with 56 rural schools in 17 provinces across China and endowed the construction of 1 primary school in Daliang Mountain. In addition to continuous investment in the construction of hardware facilities and donation of the Love Book Houses, the Program has created the student aid model of “one-in + one-out + comprehensive visit (一進+一出+全面探訪)”, in consideration of the available cultural & tourism and cultural resources, thus providing diversified support to nearly 10 thousand children in poor areas in an in-depth, long-term and sustainable manner.

Sunac Rural Revitalization Program is a comprehensive poverty alleviation program that integrates cultural & tourism focuses, industry promotion, cultural activation and educational assistance. Respecting the original style of villages, the Program leverages the industry advantage to renovate and construct characteristic lodges, create culture characteristic villages, cultivate the internal driving engine, establish the sustainable development model, and create a beautiful lifestyle of urban-rural integration and a model for rural revitalization. So far, the Program has been focusing on the poverty alleviation and sustainable development of 21 villages in 13 provinces, which include Longtang Village, Leishan County, Guizhou Province, Wanzhuang Village, Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province, and Hongwei Village, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province.

Sunac Build China Well Program (融創善築中國計劃) aims to protect China’s traditional architectures and inherit the traditional architectural culture. Leveraging the Chinese product R&D strength and experience of Sunac, the Program selects historic architectures with culture codes, helps with the restoration, recovers the cultural features of historic architectures, making active contribution to the inheritance of Chinese traditional architectural techniques and the talent cultivation, and discovering the new carrier for Chinese traditional architectures. Currently, the Program has launched, among others, the Special Fund for the Protection of Ancient Buildings – Tiger Hill Communal Garden (虎丘塔影園) Project.